Man I am tired!  Still getting used to the time difference to be honest, but we’re slowly getting there – managed to only wake up once last night, which is better than all the others.  For me I find it much easier to get used to going forward in time, than going backward.  Is it the same for other people?


Life so far has been reasonably sheltered, and not particularly independent.  Rich has come to pick me up every day, and take me home, and I’ve been most places with him.  And the bodyguards.  I’ll miss him tomorrow when he leaves again, but it might also be good to get a bit of independence, and get myself to and from places.  A bit of orientation too.  Although the city is pretty big.  Not a Derby or a Newcastle by any stretch!


I sat in one of the 7 (yes, 7!) services at church today, was great – so many people like I’ve never before seen in my life.  And they were just the people at one service.  The atmosphere was great – to see so many people worshiping without constraints.  The music was really good, I love how they have made their own stuff and made the most of the creativity that’s in the church, as opposed to just importing English songs.  The message was great too – all about getting past the things in our lives that hold us down and stop us from moving closer to God and out in ministry (things that essentially ‘paralyze’ us).  I think I understood about 90% of what he said.  Being in France helped a bit with learning to concentrate when listening!


Today I tried ‘caldo’ for the first time – it’s like a stew style soup with pork and potatoes and herbs etc.  Very nice, only weird thing is that they have it for breakfast!  But hey, when in Rome… Also had my second mahoosive burger in 2 days (ahaa) and yesterday crepes for 2 days in a row.  So at least I’m eating well!  I’ve been so blessed though, have barely paid for anything yet, and so many costs that I thought would come up – accommodation, gym, food stuff, travel and transport – I haven’t had to pay a thing.  It might all look a bit different once Rich leaves, but man it’s been so surreal.  Takes some getting used to.


So far things have been really chilled – I haven’t had any work to do, and I’ve just been spending some time with Rich.  But tomorrow I’ll probably start preparing classes for the pastors, and getting things underway in terms of preparation for the entrenamiento which starts next month.  


More updates to come soon – watch this space.